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Natural Dog Obedience Training

Natural Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is extremely important. If done properly, you will let your dog know that you are in charge, while at the same time strengthening your bond with him or her. Once you socialize your dog, you can teach him or her to develop good habits and learn different activities by participating an overall training program. We offer a great board and train program that accelerates the process, if you want faster results.

dog training new jerseyYou should know that no breed is impossible to train to be obedient, though there are some breeds there are a bit more difficult than others. Just remember that the ability to learn basic obedience training is inherent in all dogs. Most are even capable of learning complicated commands. Before you choose a particular dog for pet, you must consider the breed’s ability to be trained, exercise requirements and its flexibility. However, with a little bit of patience and creativity, your dog, regardless of background, should listen to you in no time.

The most important thing that you must remember when training your dog is to never use any negative or punishment-based methods. You should never be over-strict and you must try to be understanding with your animal. Do not appear to be too commanding with him or her. Dogs do, after all, have defensive instincts and when you scare them, they can be dangerous. Dogs will always fight back if they feel that they are being attacked.

The appropriate way to handle him or her is to execute all commands gently, slowly and in an appealing manner. Try to speak to your animal in the same way that you speak to other humans. Clear and consistent communication is key when it comes to training your dog. How would you feel if someone was speaking to you in a foreign language that you never heard before, shouting commands at you? Wouldn’t it be difficult to pay attention?

One of the best methods for instilling obedience in your dog is creating a rewards and consequences system. You must motivate your dog to learn, because, just like humans, they need a reason to perform. When your dog obeys, you can give him or her a treat and smile at him or her to show that you are proud of what he or she is doing. You can also give your dog extra food, his or her favorite toys or play a game of catch with him or her.

However, if your dog disappoints you, do not treat him or her in a cruel manner. As it was stated above, dogs do not respond to yelling or hitting. Rather, do not reward him or her, or take his or her favorite toy or bone away. After you do this for a while, your dog will gladly learn to respond to your instructions in a proper way.

Remember, you must teach your dog obedience is to show him or her that you are the one who’s in charge. Dogs are social creatures who live in packs when left to their own instincts in the wild, so when you bring your dog into your home, he or she becomes part of your family or your own “pack.” You need to show him or her that you are the leader of that pack, or the “alpha dog.” Using these simple, natural approaches to dog training should help you and your dog respect and bond with each other for life.